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History of Andijan

Andijan region is one of the largest regions in Uzbekistan. The administrative center of this area is Andijan city. Andijan region is divided into 14 regional centers. The total area is 4200 sq. km. Karasu, Asaka, Khanabad are considered as the largest densely populated cities of this region.

Andijan is rightly called the pearl of the Fergana Valley.

A large number of different nations are living in Andijan. People of different nations are living together in concern for many years.

Andijan city is considered as the oldest among all the cities in the Fergana valley. Besides the beautiful nature, there is a unique peculiar history and unusual traditions in the city. A distinctive school of agriculture which is settled on the ancient sediment of Andijansay river exists here. A lot of oil plants are located here because Andijan is considered as a center of oil production. One of leading roles in the economy structure is played by the Uzbekistan’s white gold which is cotton and its processing.

Mulberry is another no less useful raw material. The warm and favorable climate allows you to grow cotton and mulberry. Usually winters in the Andijan region are not lasting long and the winds are not that strong in comparison with western parts of the Fergana valley.