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Vasiliev about the trip to Uzbekistan

Art critic Alexander Vasilyev loves Uzbekistan whole-heartedly: he loves to buy new clothes at the Bukhara markets and look at paintings at the State Museum of Art in Tashkent.

A well-known mod told more about his trips in an interview with Sputnik Uzbekistan.

In Uzbekistan, they meet me very cordially. In every city, many people want to take a picture with me and get an autograph.

It comes to excesses, especially in Tashkent: women who sell fruit, fight with women who sell vegetables, and want to tear me in half, pulling the sleeves so that I come up to their counter. But this is pleasant, because in the East I am a welcome guest, and Uzbekistan is an ideal country of tourism.

We visit the Silk Road: we usually start from Khiva, then we move to Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent. This journey is enough to get an idea of the richness of the history, architecture and traditions of this hospitable and very affectionate country.

I really like Khiva, as it is far away and less popular with tourists than Samarkand and Tashkent. And I especially like the pristine nature of buildings, elements and foundations of life and trade, because in this city there are also studios that are engaged in wood carving, weaving, sewing fur, ceramics - all this is very original and similar to authenticity. The closer to Tashkent, the more things combed for tourist tastes, especially jewelry.

Very primordial Bukhara, is a city in which I want to spend time. Samarkand is magnificent and luxurious, but excavations have not yet been carried out, the remains of the old city burned by Tamerlane have not been found. And I dream to live to the time when they are found, and we will learn the craft of ancient Samarkand.

Tashkent is a more European city, compared to other Uzbek cities. However, it is no less beautiful in its traditions.

There were a huge number of refugees during the war, a lot of intellectuals. This city is academic, scientific, with a beautiful art museum (ed.: State Museum of Art of Uzbekistan) - I love its collection very much. Unfortunately, it will now close for repairs, and for a long time we will not be able to admire these beautiful works of art.

I visited the house of film director Rustam Khamdamov in Tashkent. He received great pleasure from the collection of his paintings, made friends with his sister - it was very touching and beautiful.

Uzbekistan is popular with tourists. Ride to the republic is now fashionable. However, I am not sure that the country will cope with a large flow of travelers. For example, in Khiva there is not one luxury hotel, only small hotels.

Every time I buy myself new coats, new scarves - I think this is great. In Moscow, I wear them on the shooting of the “Fashion sentence” or take clothes with me to different countries and enjoy wearing them, for example, in France and Lithuania. All this is very dear to me.

In my opinion, to have Uzbek ceramics at home, or a pillow with national embroidery, or a tablecloth is a delight for the eyes.

Uzbekistan is rich in national costumes and fabrics. But people wear traditional clothes only on holidays. 

Making people wear national outfits every day is impossible, it will be crazy. I do not think that they need to go every day. And I do not think that in Uzbekistan they wear little national clothes. Moreover, many designers actively use national motives in their works.


I do not feel that Uzbekistan is cut off from its national culture, there, on the contrary, everything is in the right proportion.

What is the level of Uzbek designers? Can they compete with world fashion designers?

Uzbek fashion can not compete with global brands, but it should not. Of course, Uzbek designers can regularly come to Paris and Milan for shows, but does this make sense and is there money for it? No local designer in any country can compete with the brands that are represented at each airport.

Women will willingly wear Muslim-style scarves
In this locality there is the beauty of Uzbek fashion. All fabrics made in Uzbekistan, as a rule, are handmade, and therefore they are unique.

The design of Uzbek clothes is always individual, there is no possibility to make a pattern - and world fashion does not like this! As a rule, besides, the Uzbek fabric is very narrow, 50-60 centimeters, it is difficult to make clothes from it. She is very beautiful, her suitcases are crammed with me, and I don’t know a single person who flew in from Uzbekistan with an empty suitcase. But there is still fur!

I wish you all a wonderful trip to Uzbekistan - a luxurious country. I sincerely recommend going there at least once in my life. This place is necessary for the knowledge of the human soul. You feel the closeness of traditions and you understand what eternity and decay are. Next year I will gladly fly there to eat grapes and dried apricots.