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Sakies, Massagets, Persians…

We find the information about the ancient history in the works of the ancient Greece historians, and in the first turn – in the works of Herodotus, in the texts of «Avesta» - holly book of Zoroastrians, and also in the triumphal and tombstone inscriptions of the Persian kings belonging to the Akhmenides dynasty.

Exhibition of medieval ceramics

In Ikuo Hiroyama International caravanserai of culture of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan an exhibition of medieval ceramics was held under the poetic name "The Mystery of Eternal Ornaments". 


Shahrukhiya settlement and its history are inextticably linked with name of Temur Великого the Great and the history of our beloved city of Tashkent. 

Immersing in the greenery

Famous “Yalla” ensemble has a song that the whole hall sings together: 

“How many cities in the world!
But the best warts and all
It lies in the spurs of the mountains high
Green City - Shahrisabz ... "