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Саки, массагеты,персы

Сведения о древнейшей истории нашего государства мы находим у древнегреческих историков, в первую очередь у Геродота, в текстах «Авесты»- священной книги зароастрийцев, а также в триумфальных и надгробных надписях персидских царей из династии Ахеменидов.

Exhibition of medieval ceramics

In Ikuo Hiroyama International caravanserai of culture of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan an exhibition of medieval ceramics was held under the poetic name "The Mystery of Eternal Ornaments". 


Shahrukhiya settlement and its history are inextticably linked with name of Temur Великого the Great and the history of our beloved city of Tashkent. 

Immersing in the greenery

Famous “Yalla” ensemble has a song that the whole hall sings together: 

“How many cities in the world!
But the best warts and all
It lies in the spurs of the mountains high
Green City - Shahrisabz ... "


My life in the cinema

A puppet exhibition of works of the cinema artist Kakhramon Nuriddinov "My life in the cinema" dedicated to the "Year of a healthy mother and child" was held in dolls in Inuo Hiroyama International caravanserai of culture.

Beshagach daha (part) of Tashkent

Tashkent since olden time has been divided into four territorial and administrative districts: Sebzar, Kukcha, Sheikhantaur and Beshagach. The division of East cities into four parts was different even in the Middle Ages.


Three old madrasas in Tashkent

 Tashkent madrasas of Barak-khan, Kukeldash and Abdulkasym sheikh are not only outstanding historical monuments, but also a matter of national pride, architectural heritage of our capital of the past centuries, its magnificent decoration. The history of their creation is inseparably linked with the history of our ancient city.

Chorsu Bazaar. From the ancient times, through the centuries into our modern life

Tashkent Bazaars are huge and very small, such native and close, without them it is very difficult to imagine our life. Noisy and bright, each one of them is with its own unique character, oriental coloring and aroma, each with its own special history. But among all the bazaars of our city, there is one that still stands out. Many people do not even know on what ancient bazaar that counting many centuries they are visiting and walking on its ground.

About Alisher Navoi

Alisher Navoi remained in the memory of the people as a great humanist, an unsurpassed poet, a wise statesman. For many centuries, the interest in the personality of this extraordinary person has not weakened.

Mausoleum of Zaynudin-Bobo and mysterious chillyahona

Mausoleum of Zaynudin-Bobo is one of the largest and most ancient religious and architectural monuments of our city. And underground chillyahona, that’s located near, was built presumably in the 12th century, still keeps a lot of mysteries. For that, it’s called mysterious chillyahona (cell). 


 I will tell you about the most ancient and very interesting archaeological monument of our capital, located on the Salar Canal, near the North Railway Station, the study of which helped to recreate the history of our city at the earliest stage of its formation. It is called Mingurik - a thousand apricots. Back in the 20s of the 19th century, here, among the tall green hills grew a beautiful garden of a huge number of fruit trees.