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The sun in a glass: what is the secret of the unusual sweetness of Uzbek wines?

It is publicly recognized that wines produced in Uzbekistan are characterized by a low acidity, and as a result are sweeter than other sunny drinks.

Indeed, wine is a sunny drink that has conquered people many millennia ago. And the more sun and heat, the sweeter the grapes will grow and the more delicious the wine will be. It seems that Uzbekistan has everything to produce a divine drink - a favorable climate, fertile soil and a high yield of grapes.

Today, Uzbekistan produces natural (table) and special wines - dry, dry special, semi-dry, semisweet, strong, semi-dessert, dessert and liqueur wines, using modern, high-quality equipment of European manufacture.

Uzbek wines are remembered by a unique flavor bouquet, which ensures a high sugar content of grapes, reaching 29%. This has been repeatedly recognized at international wine exhibitions, tastings and competitions. Divine drinks produced under the Uzbek sun are recognized by professionals and receive high marks and awards in the world.

Today we grow such grape varieties as:

"Aleatico" (sugar content is 25-26%, acidity is 6-7%). High-quality vintage and dessert wines are prepared from the harvest),

"Bayan-shirei" (sugar content - 20-22%, acidity - 4,2-5,6%. From the harvest dry, champagne and cognac wine materials are prepared),

"Kuldzhinsky" (sugar content is 22-24%, acidity is 8%. Champagne wine and table wine are produced from the harvest),

"Muscat pink" (sugar content is 28-30%, acidity is 5-6%.) High-quality dessert wines are prepared from the harvest with a muscat smell),

"May black" (sugar content is 27-29%, acidity is 3.4-5.5%. High-quality dessert wines are produced from the harvest),

"Rkatsiteli" (sugar content is 28-29%, acidity is 5%.) High-quality dessert wines, as well as champagne and cognac wine materials are prepared from the harvest,

"Saperavi" (sugar content 25-27%, acidity 7-8% .A high-quality extractive red table and dessert wines are prepared from the harvest),

"Soyaki" (sugar content is 18-19%, acidity is 6-7%. Table wine is produced from the harvest, as well as champagne and cognac wine materials),

"Hindogni" (sugar content is 23-25%, acidity is 5.8-7.5%. High-quality dessert and table wines are produced from the harvest).

For making wines, both white varieties of grapes - Bayan shirei, Riesling, Rkatsiteli, Baktiori, Bishty, and red ones - Saperavi, Morastel, Aleatico, Muscat pink are used.

In Uzbekistan, all regions are rich in sun, but where are the juiciest blood of grapevines prepared? 

South-western part of Uzbekistan (Samarkand, Jizzakh, Bukhara and Navoi regions) specializes in the production of table grapes and dried products - kishmish and raisins. This is facilitated by natural conditions (hot, dry summers, absence of precipitation in the autumn period) and the presence of varieties characterized by high sugar accumulation and fleshy consistency of pulp. Specific zone of development of kishmish production from seedless varieties (Kishmish white and Kishmish black) is the Samarkand region.

In the valleys (Samarkand, Bulungur, Pastdargom and others), along with table winegrowing, varieties of technical direction (Rkatsiteli, Kuldzhinsky, Muscat, Saperavi, etc.) should be widely disseminated.

In the Kashkadarya and Surkhandarya regions raisins are produced from large-value high-grade table varieties with seeds - Sultani (Jaus), Kattakurgan and Nimrang. From the Sultani variety is also prepared a high-quality dessert wine Jous.

In the Tashkent oasis the culture of grapes of the table direction is widely developed. Nimrang, Taifi pink, Husaine varieties are cultivated here and the main production of the best Uzbek wines from the varieties Bayan shirei, Kuldzhinsky, Riesling, Saperavi, Rkatsiteli and others is concentrated. In the foothill areas the local varieties Parkent pink and Soyaki, which are used for the preparation of champagne wine materials, are deservedly famous.
In the Fergana Valley, vineyards are concentrated mainly in the dining room, partly in technical and croaking directions.

In the north-west of the republic, in the Khorezm region and the Republic of Karakalpakstan, viticulture is mainly developed in the dining area.

Welcome to Uzbekistan to enjoy the sun in the sky and the sun in a glass!