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VI International Biennale of children's drawing

VI International Biennale of children’s drawing “Joys of Tashkent” was held in the Central Exhibition Hall of Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan in Tashkent. 


The organizers of this colorful event were the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, with the active assistance of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan, as well as other ministries and departments of our country.

This bright and delightful exhibition of children's drawings became a traditional. Starting from 2006 the exhibition is held every two years in our sunny city. And this year, which is very iconic, it was held in accordance with the end of the “Year of healthy mother and child” in Uzbekistan. The exhibition attracted more than 3500 children’s works from 19 countries, which shows the popularity of our Biennale among young artists of the Planet’s states.

Children from 5 to 15 years participated in the contest. The international jury was headed by Edgars Bondars who is the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Latvia to Uzbekistan. The jury consisted of famous art artists, teachers, such as Maria Safi Lee – an artist, whose paintings are filled with the kind fairy-tale magic and childlike spontaneity.

Biennales’ holding serves to noble and high goals. It helps to develop the creative abilities of children, identify talent, to raise the intellectual level of children, raise interest in native and peoples of the world history and culture, promote the interaction communication of children from around the world and of course to create favorable conditions for better improvement of professional skills among young artists.

And this picturesque, magnificent exhibition became a great and a real holiday, which is cheerful, delightful, joyful and bright for a huge number of children who had gathered at the opening and closing of the exhibition.

A lot of bright balloons and funny figurines made from them, colorful posters with the image of playful cute little animals, the presence of funny clowns, installations.

Magic Door to a fairy tale, children's touching performance of music and dance ensembles as well as young artists of our estrade, participation in the noisy games by the members of the exhibition themselves were filling the atmosphere of the feast with the special spirit – young and full of life, enthusiastic and sincere.

The works of young artists from 29 countries of the world were the same sincere and expressive. The largest number of drawings were from the children of our country. Looking at them, unwittingly admire: how rich with the talents is our ancient land! How limitless and unquenchable is creative fantasy of young artists, how sincerely and deeply the love for the motherland, for their native land is expressed!

Many works devoted to the 25th anniversary of independence of our republic. Portrait of Amir Temur and his monument on the background of our flag and the sun, pictures on historical themes that tell us about the great thinkers of the East, monumental architectural monuments of Bukhara (Samanids Mausoleum, Chor - Minor ) Khiva (minaret of Islam -Hodja), the old and the new Tashkent are among the works. Mother at the cradle of the child with soaring angels is painted with much love and tenderness, smiling sun is gladdening, majestic mountains are  delighting, beautiful still life with sunflowers and pears penetrated with the warm sunshine, and the musical stairs that lift us up to the sky. Cannot help but wonder.

And from the heights, we see women who cook sumalyak, happy children playing, brave boy - ropewalker, favorite funny puppy and many- many bright, inspirational works, which embodies the magical childhood dreams, unbridled joy and delight, the amazing beauty of the native land, love to close ones, carefree childhood. All this creates a huge sense of optimism and boundless happiness.

I’ve met with two young artists at the exhibition, who are students of the children's music and art school number 4 of the Mirabad district in our city. This seemingly ordinary ten-year boy named Yura Rudanovsky, but his painting "Music of well" really attracts attention.

A girl in a bright national costume on a background of old buildings is enthusiastically dancing to the rhythmic sounds of doira and sunray. And all this looks so lively and exciting.


This seemingly ordinary ten-year boy named Yura Rudanovsky, but his painting "Music of well" really attracts attention.

 A girl in a bright national costume on a background of old buildings is enthusiastically dancing to the rhythmic sounds of doira and sunray. And all this looks so lively and exciting.

 A cute little girl named Diyora Nazarov who is nine years old drew her first teacher, expressing her love and respect. 

 Nazarova Dilbar Gabdulgazaevna who is a teacher of the mentioned school, helping to learn the basics of the artistic skill, helps children and many others. For many years she introduces her students to the wonderful world of art. And she came to the exhibition with them.

It was very interesting to meet one of the youngest artists named Alimuhammad Almamedov who is only 6-year-old. His drawing is called "My Dream", where he painted himself as a great artist with the mountains in the background. And it’s very joyfully, that such a great and beautiful soul lives in such a small person.

The work of ten year old Rakhim Bakhodirov which is called "Tree of Happiness" draws attention on it. Looking at it, you believe that happiness exists and it’s as beautiful as the drawing of this young artist.

The works of the children from the neighboring Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan are very close and clear for us.
Kazakh girl with her beloved camel, a beautiful modern girl in the national Kazakh dress. It’s a drawing about Great Silk Road. Turkmen women who are harvest apples, playing on dutar and preparing food are very beautiful. There are yurts, camels, mountains that can be seen on the drawings of the children from Kyrgyzstan.

The works of the children from other countries are also very interesting and attractive. A girl with the autumn gifts and a girl with flowers and hovering dove from China, Korean girl on a drawing from Japan and many more other amazing works.

But it was especially nice to see the drawings of children from foreign countries which are dedicated to Uzbekistan.
A boy from Azerbaijan drew the old bazaar near Sher -Dor madrasah in Samarkand, a girl from Latvia drew a cotton field. A lot of drawings were sent by the children from Ukraine, such as “Navruz”, “Choyhona”, children in the national Uzbek costumes, children on the camels and children playing on doira.

It’s impossible to tell about all the amazing works made by boys and girls. But it is possible to experience the memorable bright impression, festive mood, a feeling of immense delight and touching beauty.

All these were given to us by the amazing, bright, cheerful, kind children’s drawings of the VI International Biennale "Joys of Tashkent".
It was very difficult for the jury to determine the winners, as each drawing is unique.

Grand Prix was given to the 8-year-old Chainokt Saksirivutto from Thailand for the work called "Happy Day”. 7 gold, 7 silver and 7 bronze medals were awarded to the children from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, China, Taiwan, Turkey, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Japan and Ukraine. In addition, they were awarded with the commemorative medals, and all participants have also received VI International Biennale "Joys of Tashkent" certificates.

The whole closing ceremony was accompanied by a delightful charming music by composer and performer named Sultan Ali and entitled "Celebration".

Goodbye, marvelous Biennale!
See you soon!

Tamara Kazachenko