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Attractions in Kokand


Since the XVIII century in the capital of the Kokand state, many mosques, madrassas, shops and other historical objects were built. Among them are well preserved "Urda", built by Khudoyar-khan in 1873. This building is also called the "Palace of Khudoyar-Khan". The total area of the palace is 4 hectares, its foundation is raised on 3 meters. For this reason, a special road-ramp was built for the entrance to the special gate from the east side.

There is a say written in Arabic letters in the upper part of the darvazahana: "Great Sayd Muhammad Khudoyar-khan." In its original form, the length of the palace was 138 meters, width - 65 meters. The palace consisted of 7 yards and 119 rooms. At that time, "Urda" was surrounded by internal and external fences. Today, the fences have not been preserved, there are only 2 courtyards and 19 rooms left. Kokand Museum of Local History is located here.


The mausoleum of Modori-Khan was built in 1825 for the mother of the Kokand ruler Umar-khan. This monument is one of the interesting examples of Muslim architecture.


Dakhman-Shakhan (Tomb of the Kings) is the burial place (Khazira - fenced yard) of Narbutabiy (died in 1799) and his descendants. It was erected in the 20’s of the XIX century. According to the information of the prominent Kokand poet Uzlat, after the death of Kokand Khan Amir Umar Khan, by the order of his wife Makhlar-Ayyim (Nodira), the necropolis territory was arranged; a dome building with majolica, mosque, aivan and a special burial chamber (dahma) was built.