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Uzbekistan will have the first cluster in Central Asia created in the image of Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon

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A unique project will be implemented to create the first national park in Central Asia in the image and likeness of the Yellowstone National Park or the Grand Canyon Park

This was reported by Ulugbek Kasimkhodzhaev.

"For example, about 20 million people visit Yellowstone every year, which is a large amount of additional funds to support the population and the state of the ecotourism zone at the proper level, so we worked out a project of a tourist cluster of the Bahmal and Zaamin districts together with the khokimiat of the Jizzakh region, he said during the International Investment Forum in Jizzakh.
According to him, the project has two main goals: first, to preserve the unique ecosystem of the region, and secondly, to provide the local population with sustainable sources of income.

"Ecotourism, as an economic branch, gives a tangible difference in the incomes of the population at every level: from sellers to souvenirs to hotel owners." Now about half a million to 100,000 people visit Zaamin, and in just three months we want to multiply this figure, and also expand the tourist season, "- said Kasimkhodzhaev.

    In general, the tourism cluster project consists of three main areas: ecological tourism, agritourism and ethnic tourism. Proceeding from this concept, the territory of Bakhmal and Zaamin districts will be divided into three parts for the construction of the necessary infrastructure.

For example, 2 thousand hectares of the central zone are intended for the development of classical ecotourism. Ecological paths and a tent city will be organized here, trips on quadrocycles, walks on horses and donkeys, funiculars, a ski area and a full-scale skiing complex, a restaurant, an information center, including a museum and craft shops.

    "Rural or agrotourism will occupy 5 thousand hectares, where it is planned to build holiday homes, a sports complex, nurseries for the conservation and reproduction of rare species of birds and animals, centers for growing, collecting, storing and preparing herbs and juices, farmyards," State investment.

It is also planned to create bee apiaries in this area. Tourists will be able to ride camels, watch the national sports game Kupkari from a special site, participate in agricultural work, planting trees, harvesting vegetables and fruits, harvesting herbs.

    For the ethnoturistic zone, it is envisaged the construction of modern hotels, children's resorts, organization of campsites, balloon flights. The program of this direction includes visits to the countryside, cultural and historical sites and monuments of nature, participation in the research of archaeological sites, familiarity with traditional ritual ceremonies, the way of life of the local population, folk craft and decorative and applied art. Tourists will also be able to participate in the preparation of national dishes of the region.