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Jean Reno will act in the Uzbek-Russian film about Khoja Nasreddin

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Russia and Uzbekistan agreed on joint shooting of a new film on the famous East Wit Hodja Nasreddin. Memorandum about this during the Cannes Film Festival has been signed with the Russian film company "Renovation". According to the document, Russian cinematographers together with their Uzbek counterparts will begin surveying work in Uzbekistan this year.

According to Georgy Malkov, the producer of the Renovacio film company, the famous French actor Jean Reno was specially invited by the Russian side to participate in this project, who reacted positively to this proposal.

"In the project "Khoja Nasreddin" half of the creative and technical group will consist of Uzbek specialists. Its launch will promote mutual exchange of experience and attraction of foreign investments, will serve as another mechanism for the promotion of Uzbekistan as a place for the filming of foreign paintings, "the Center for the Development of Cinematography noted.

Recall that within the 71st International Cannes Film Festival and the film market for the first time the National Pavilion of Uzbekistan was opened. Its organizers were the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan, the Center for the Development of Cinematography and the Council of Young Cinematographers.

From 8 to 19 May, the doors of the Uzbek pavilion are open to international specialists, presenting contemporary Uzbek cinema.

In total the festival presents three paintings from Uzbekistan - a film Rashid Malikov "Sabot" (Resistance), "Scorpion" Mukhlis Azizova and "Target" Rustam Meliev.