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Special zone: what will happen to Charvak in a couple of years?

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The Government of Uzbekistan approved the Concept of further development of a free tourist zone (FTZ) "Charvak".

Reporters understood that waiting area a couple of years, some investors are willing to come to the region and why the Uzbeks had to wait for this event for so long.

Starting point 

Experts note that the Tashkent region today has a significant tourist potential, which is primarily due to the unique natural conditions that allow developing almost all types of tourism. In particular, the region has everything necessary for the development of mountain and extreme tourism, including mountaineering, snowboarding, aeronautics, cycling, motor sport, as well as environmental, rural, pilgrimage and gastronomic tourism. 

Not far from the capital is Charvak reservoir, on the shore of which there are numerous boarding houses, recreation areas and children's summer sports camps. Nearby are the magnificent mountains of the western Tien Shan with numerous hiking trails and paths, waterfalls, caves, gorges, walnut groves and orchards, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2016.

In the Ugam-Chatkal national park there are 230 species of animals, 1800 plant species and four unique natural lakes - Urungach, Bodak, Shovur and Ihnozh, there are the Chatkal state biosphere reserve and a number of forestry enterprises.

For today in the region there are 120 organizations dealing with leisure of domestic and foreign tourists. The volume of tourist services exports last year exceeded $ 44 million. Despite this, given the enormous tourist potential and natural resources of the region, these figures, experts say, are rather modest.

In the region there is a lack of accommodation facilities, resorts and recreation areas, undeveloped tourist infrastructure, poor quality and limited amount of services provided to tourists.

New breath

In the near future on the territory of free customs zone "Charvak" will create several seasonal recreation areas, each of which will build modern hotels, cultural, leisure, health and recreation, shopping, and other objects of tourist destination, as well as a modern engineering infrastructure. 

Work has already started on the territory of Bostanlyk, Parkent and Ahangaran districts to create 162 modern guest houses. For the entertainment of tourists, it is planned to develop a program of demonstrating national customs and traditions, wedding ceremonies and other recreational activities, organizing trips to nature, as well as cultural and historical sites.

The document's developers plan in 2021 the volume of tourism export services in the region will reach $ 100 million, and the number of foreign tourists visiting the region will grow from 72,000 people in 2017 to 150,000 people in 2021.