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Ancient land of Uzbekistan

13 days / 12 nights

Price: upon request

Tashkent – Termez – Shahrisabz – Samarkand – Bukhara – Urgench (Khiva) – Tashkent 

Ancient and boundless land that has plenteous of natural contrasts: deserts and blooming gardens, snowy mountains and deep rivers, picturesque cities abundant in magnificent monuments of architecture. And wherever you go will be small and big hills standing everywhere.

People call them 'tepe'. Excavations of any of such 'tepes unveil historic and cultural stratums that are many hundreds and sometimes thousand years old.

Don't miss a chance and explore with us the remains of hoary settlements that many centuries ago had been flourishing oasises across vast plains of Trans Oxiania, the region between the Amu-Darya and Syr-Darya rivers. You will get a chance to familiarize yourself with the masterpiece inherited to us by ancient potters, blacksmiths, glass-blowers in ceramics, tools, jewels, adornments.

This extraordinary and unique tour will please specialists as well as those who are interested in history and archaeology and wish to disclose the secrets of ancient cities and learn the traditions and culture of the people of Central Asia.

The participants will be given opportunity to meet with the leading archaeologists of Uzbekistan.

Itinerary: Tashkent – Termez – Shahrisabz – Samarkand – Bukhara – Urgench (Khiva) – Tashkent

Duration: 13 days/12 nights

Transfer: Tashkent - Termez; Urgench - Tashkent - air flight; Termez - Shahrisabz - Samarkand - Bukhara - Urgench - Khiva - car/bus with a/c

Meals: BB (FB or HB upon request)


  1 day: 

Arrival in Tashkent. Transfer and check-in to hotel. Breakfast. Sightseeing tour, visiting Museum of History and Tashkent Fund of Archeological expedition. Lunch. Tour (cont.). Dinner.

Overnight in Tashkent

  2 day: 

Breakfast. Transfer to airport. Flight to Termez. Arrival, check-in to hotel. Visiting Museum of Archeology. Lunch. Visiting the site of ancient settlement Kampyrtepe (60 km) Return to Termez Dinner.

Overnight in Termez

  3 day:  

Breakfast. Visiting site of ancient settlement Fayaztepe, Lunch, Visiting Sultan Saodat Mausoleums (XI-XVII cc.) Kakildor-ota Mausoleum (XV-XVI cc.). Dinner.

Overnight in Termez

  4 day:  

Breakfast Transfer to Shahrisabz. Arrival, check-in to hotel. Lunch. Sightseeing tour in Shahrisabz: Dor-ut-Tilovat complex - Kok-Gumbaz Mosque (XV c.), Shaikh Shamsiddin Kulol Mausoleum (XIV c.), Gumbazi-Saidon Mausoleum (XV c.), Khazrati-lmom Mosque, Dor-us-Saodat Complex, Ok-Saroy (XIV-XV cc.). Dinner.

Overnight in Shahrisabz

  5 day:   

Breakfast. Transfer to Samarkand. Arrival, check-in to hotel. Lunch, City tour. VisiHng Samarkand Museum of History, site of ancient settlement 'Afrosiyob' (1 st Millenium BC). Dinner.

Overnight in Samarkand

  6 day:   

Breakfast. Sightseeing: Ulughbek Observatory (XV c.), Shahi-Zinda memorial ensemble (XI-XIX cc.), Khazrati-Khizr Mosque (XIX c.), Registan square - Ulughbek Madrasseh (XV c.). Sher-Dor Madrasseh (XVII c) and Tilla-Kon Madrasseh (XVII a). Lunch. Meeting with experts of Institute of Archeology. Visiting local bazaar. Dinner.

Overnight in Samarkand

  7 day:   

Breakfast transfer to Bukhara. Arrival, check-in to hotel. Lunch. Sightseeing tour. Visiting Museum of Archeology, transfer to site of ancient settlement 'Varakhsha'. Dinner.

Overnight in Bukhara

  8 day:  

Breakfast. Sightseeing; Poyi-Kalon architectural ensemble - Kalon Minaret (XII c.) and mosque (XV c), Miri-Arab Madrasseh (XVI c.), Chashrna-Ayub (XIV c.), Samanids Mausoleum (IX-X .c.), Lyabi-Khauz architectural ensemble (XVI-XVII cc.) - mosque-khonakoh. Nadir Devon-Begi Madrasseh (XVII c.), Kukeldash Maclrasseh (XVI c.). Lunch. Transfer to the site of ancient settlement 'Paykent', Dinner.

Overnight in Bukhara

  9 day:   

Breakfast Transfer to Urgench. Breakfast. Transfer to Urgench. Packed lunch en route Arrival, check-in to hotel.

Overnight in Urgench

  10 day:  

Breakfast. Sightseeing tour in Khiva (35 km). "Historical and architectural preserve" - Ichan-Kala complex (internal part of town, I-XIX cc.). Lunch. Sightseeing in Khiva: - Dishan- Kala architectural complex (external part of town, XIX-XX cc.) Dinner.

Overnight in Urgench

  11 day:  

Breakfast Transfer to sites of ancient settlements 'Toprak-qala' 'Ellik-qala', 'Ayaz-qala'. Packed lunch en route. Return to Khiva. Transfer to airport. Flight to Tashkent. Arrival, check-in to hotel. Dinner.

Overnight in Tashkent

  12 day:     

Breakfast. Visiting Aqqurghan (90 km), site of ancient settlement Shahruhiya, the outpost of the southern boundaries of the Timurids Empire (1st millenium BC - XVII c.). Lunch. Return to Tashkent. Dinner.

Overnight in Tashkent

  13 day:  

Breakfast. Transfer to airport. Departure from Tashkent.