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Amazing Davan

2 days / 1 night

Price: upon request

Tashkent - Fergana Valley - Tashkent

The Fergana Valley has always attracted many of its conquerors in ancient times and in the early Middle Ages with its beauty and natural riches. Products made of silk, ceramics, jewelry were widely known not only in certain areas of Central Asia, but also in the far West and East. You will be pleasantly surprised by the range of colors of majolica facing, it is not typical for the facing of famous architectural monuments.

Visiting Uzbekistan along this route, you will get acquainted with craft centers on ceramics, silk, with the art of embroiderers of skullcaps, which depict a stylized fruit of almonds or bitter pepper, embroidered with white silk on a black background. You will see the preserved monuments of the past, in their architectural forms not differing from the architectural buildings of Central Asia of the XIX century, however, having a distinctive appearance in the facing.

Route         : Tashkent - Fergana Valley - Tashkent

Duration     : 2 days / 1 night

Transfer      : Tashkent – Fergana Valley  – Tashkent – railway or car with air conditioning.

Meals          : breakfast at the hotel

Tour program


  1st day: 

Transfer to Kokand by car.

Or - a train ride (8:05 - 12:15). Meeting at the station.

You will visit the city of Kokand, you can stroll around the capital city of the XYIII-XIX centuries, visit the heart of Kokand-Urdu Khudoyarkhan Palace, the last ruler of the Khanate. Then go to the largest prayer house, which is called Juma-mosque. Here you can check your physical training and climb a small Minaret - a tower to call for prayers and here you will find out why there are almost 100 Colon in the mosque.

Then you will visit Rishtan - one of the centers of ceramics in Uzbekistan. Ceramics - this is one of the most ancient types of folk art, which arose in the era of the Paleolithic. From hand to hand, from mouth to mouth the master of Rishtan was told that leaving dishes without drawings is not good, and to protect them from the evil eye, color combinations of patterns with symbolic, saving meaning were applied to it. For example, green means freshness. Red - joy, blue - faith, white - happiness, yellow sunlight.

Moving to Fergana. Hotel accommodation.

Overnight in Fergana

  2nd day: 


On this day, you will visit the ancient Margilan, whose appearance is largely associated with the opening of the Great Silk Road, and which is known as an industrial center where the production of silk fabrics began to develop. At the factory "Yedgorlik" got acquainted with the technology of manufacturing elegant silk products made using the unique technology "Ikat". In the 12th century there lived a well-known specialist, a connoisseur of legal laws, Burkhon-ad-Din Al-Marginoni. In his work "al-Hidoya" the norms, legal traditions, dating back to classical works of the end of the 8th century, are cited.

Visit Patyr Bazaar - a market where bread is sold, which is famous for its cakes and halva.

Transfer to Tashkent via the Kamchik pass.

Or - Transfer to Kokand to the railway station. 17:15 - 21:25 - Transfer to Tashkent.

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