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History of Urgench

There is administrative center of the Khorezm region not far from the banks of the Amudarya, which is the city of Urgench, which by right can be called the most mysterious city of Uzbekistan.

Scientists still can not establish the exact date of its appearance, because in ancient annals, which were found by archaeologists, Urgench was called in different ways: Gurgandj, Gurganch, and at some period even Giurdjania.

Modern Urgench is not only well-preserved architectural monuments, which are so proud of local residents, but also a cozy, well-equipped city.
The peculiarity of Urgench city is that it’s a kind of gateway to the city-museum of Khiva, which can be reached from Urgench in less than half an hour. In the city itself, completely destroyed during one of the invasions, there are almost no old buildings left.