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In the desert areas of Uzbekistan winter is cold, with strong frosts. Sometimes at night the thermometer is -30 ° C. Snowfalls here are rare and steady snow cover is observed not every year. Usually, snow stays on the ground for two or three weeks in January. Periodically in the middle of winter a strong wind blows from the Caspian Sea, in the lack of snow the clouds of dust are raising.

The south of the country (Tashkent, and in a greater extent Fergana and Termez) is well protected from the influence of the Siberian air by the mountains. That’s why winter temperatures here are higher than in desert areas. The average winter precipitation in Tashkent more than in other parts of the country, and rarely there are snowfalls. The wind "foehn" often blows in the Fergana Valley, which is rapidly increasing the temperature of the air.

The beginning of spring in Uzbekistan is marked by strong winds from Iran, which brings warm air to the country. The summer comes in the end of May, which is long, hot and very dry. There is almost no rain during four months until the October. The heat is aggravated by the sandstorms, and "White Sun of the Desert" overhead is constantly hanging. The heat subsides only at the end of September. Because of the continental climate conditions, the off-season is the best choice for a trip: in April-May and September-October