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Make a wish in Samarkand

2 days / 1 nights

Price: upon request

Tashkent - Samarkand - Tashkent

This tour allows you to discover Samarkand with a new, amazing side. Samarkand is the second largest city of Uzbekistan, having the same age as Rome, Athens and Babylon, ie. more than 26 centuries. In ancient Arabic manuscripts it is called the "Pearl of the East".

Europeans called it the "Land of Scientists". Majestic and beautiful, Samarkand is a city of legends. When Alexander the Great first saw Samarkand, he exclaimed: "I heard that the city is beautiful, but I never thought that it could be so magnificent and amazing."

As one ancient poet said:
                  You can travel around the world,
                  see the pyramids and admire the smile of the Sphinx;
                  You can hear the gentle singing of the wind
                  Adriatic Sea and incline respectfully the knees on the ruins of the Acropolis,
                  be blinded by the splendor of Rome, its Forum and the Colosseum,
                  Be captivated by the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris or the old domes of Milan;
                  But if you saw the buildings of Samarkand, you will be bewitched by his magic forever.

Route:       Termez - Samarkand - Tashkent

Duration:   2 days / 1 night

Transfer:    Tashkent - Samarkand - Tashkent - high-speed train "Afrosiab", in Samarkand - an air-conditioned car with amazing ".

Meals:        Breakfast in the hotel


Tour program


  1st day: 

08:00 - departure to Samarkand (the "Afrosiyob" train). Arrival in Samarkand at 10:08. Meeting in Samarkand.

Departure to the cave Hazrat Dauda. One of the famous holy places of Uzbekistan is 40 km away. south-west of Samarkand, in the territory of the village of Aksai. This is the cave of Hazrat Daud (St. David), revered immediately in the three world religions. It is shrouded in a multitude of legends, which from year to year are recounted by local residents to pilgrims. It is believed that in the cave of Hazrat Daud any, even the most incredible desire is fulfilled. To get to it you need to overcome 1303 steps leading up steeply to the peak of the mountain. Here, on top, you can pray in an ancient mosque. Then you need to go down 500 steps down to the cave of Khazret Daud. Cave width of 0.5 to 4 meters, up to 15 meters high and up to 60 meters long is a dark tunnel, at the end of which you can see prints of the palms and feet of Daud. To make a wish you need to touch them.

Return to Samarkand. Hotel accommodation. Free time.

Overnight in Samarkand

  2nd day: 


Continuation of the excursion: Mausoleum of Khoja Doniyar (Daniyar, Daniel, Daniel). It is believed that the spirit of the Saint buried here patronizes Samarkand, protects it, brings prosperity and prosperity. Samarkand and not only - a lot of people coming here believe that the moleben at the Mausoleum will help them cope with diseases, difficulties and bring good luck.

Visit the factory of silk carpets "Hujum", where the girls manually weave silk carpets. You will have the opportunity to see the entire production process from start to finish, as well as buy unique carpets from the first hand. Visit a paper mill. Here, the well-known Samarkand paper in the past is again made according to old recipes in a specially constructed paper workshop.

Visit to the Siab Bazaar.

Transfer to the station. Departure to Tashkent by Afrosiyob train at 18:00. Arrival to Tashkent at 20:10.

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